Welcome to the new Whitley Bay supporters website! Please enjoy scrolling through your new home.

As a supporters website, we prize the interactions of fans and supporters of the club. To support that effort, we have created a brand new blog to keep you up-to-date on news surrounding the supporters & Supporters Club, alongside a brand new forum.

The forum is for discussion, and we welcome contributions from anyone who wants to raise an issue, discuss aspects of the Club or just get together with people who share a love for our club, and the game.

We will try to keep moderation to a minimum, but we politely ask you not to make any issues personal as, by doing so, we will either ask you to amend your post, delete it or will remove it for you.

If there's anything you'd like to see, or contribute, post it on the forum, or direct message us there, and we'll check it out.

We'll also be adding a website contact page linked to a Supporters Club inbox in due course, if you prefer to get in touch with us via e-mail.


Whitley Bay FC Supporters Club

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